Kasumigaseki International Accounting Office  


We always perform with speed and certainty. Our mission is to overcome challenges together with our clients. The mission of Kasumigaseki International Accounting Office is to assist our clients in solving their problems. We deliver benefits to our clients with speed and certainty. We continuously strive to offer valuable solutions to our clients.

Structured Finance

SPC Setup and Management, Oversea SPC Setup, Management consulting

Variety of services has been provided to the customers, including the making of scheme for Structured Finance, SPC Setup and Management, Cash flow simulation and Cash Management.

Accounting & Tax

・ Variety of Tax Declaration, Accounting and Book-keeping,
  Salary calculation, Social Insurance Related Matters,
・ Designing Tax Simulations, Dissolution and Liquidation
・ Financing and Fundraising Consulting
・ Inheritance Tax Consulting service
・ IFRS support service

KIAO not only provides conventional accounting advice and oversees the preparation and filing of corporate tax and income tax returns, we also deliver a full range of consulting services for financing and fundraising, inheritance tax strategies, business succession and restructuring to foster the continuous growth and development of our corporate and individual clients.

Inheritance Tax

・ Inheritance tax declaration, Inheritance tax strategies,
  Asset evaluation
・ Real Estate Replacement Consultation, Real Estate Sale Consultation
・ Preparation of Wills, Tax payment support
・ On-site witness for tax investigation
・ First・Second Inheritance Simulation

Our professional knowledge of tax and legal matters allows us to be on the same page as inheritors and ancestors and offer them the best strategies for inheritance that match their situation and finances.

Initial Public Offering

・ Development of an IPO strategy, establishment of rules
  and regulations
・ budget control, internal auditing & auditor’s audit
・ capital policy,
・ preparation of the application documents, Audit Support.

IPO is a means of securing global funding and is now seen as a corporate strategy, restructuring framework, and investment plan. KIAO stands ready to provide comprehensive assistance at each stage of the IPO process, including the development of an IPO strategy, IPO operations, account auditing, and establishment of internal control systems after the IPO ha been completed.

M & A

・ M&A comprehensive support
・ Due diligence(Business investigation), Valuation(Value evaluation)
・ Negotiation Support, Business group re-organization
・ Holding system restructuring support
・ M&A after-service

KIAO delivers optimal M&A recommendations based on a solid understanding of our clients’ strategies and business environments, helping to implement M&A strategies, and also provide M&A related accounting, legal affairs and finance support. An objective third-party perspective also allows us to provide reliable advice to our clients.


・ Mandatory Audit:Securities Transactions Law Audit,
  Commercial Code Audit, Investment Partnership Audit,
  School Corporation Audit, Local Governments Audit
・ Discretionary Audit:Business Corporation Audit, Union Audit,
  SPC Audit, KK Public Audit, Medical Corporation Audit,
  Audit for Listing in foreign markets Preparation

KIAO uses the most advanced risk assessment approaches to accurately identify the inherent risks that exist in a particular corporation or industry. This allows us to provide high quality, accurate auditing that take into account risk levels and internal control. We always strive to perform detailed auditing with excellent cost performance. We also perform join audits with auditing firms when necessary.

International Taxation

・ International tax service, Cross-border M&A
・ Oversea SPC・Fund Foundation・Management
・ IFRS correspondence: preparation of financial statements for

KIAO provides international tax services and also supports corporations that operate on a global stage from a financial services standpoint. We also offer support in handling the approaching IFRS(International Financial Reporting Standards). We are also in the business of preparing financial statements based on the corresponding countries’ accounting standards.

Financial Advisory Service

・ Finance due diligence, Structure Establishment
・ Tax and Financial Consulting
・ Stock Evaluation, Civil Rehabilitation

Since its foundation, KIAO has constructed a framework based on the fields of accounting, tax services, securitization and liquidation that allow it to offer solutions to the many issues corporations face. In addition to accounting and tax services, we are united as a company to offer our services in a wide variety of areas relating to corporate revival such as finance, banking and cross border transactions.


3-2-5, Kasumigaseki,
Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Kasumigaseki Building 26F