Kasumigaseki International Accounting Office  


Make Positive Contributions to Society

Kasumigaseki International Accounting Office aims to make positive contributions locally, nationally, and globally through our business practices. We will be a contributing factor in economic development nationally and internationally. We stay grounded while maintaining a broad perspective and conduct our businesses with the local, national, and international stage in mind.

Creating Trust

While our mission is to make positive contributions to our clients’ businesses, we also put great value in maintaining a stable business that garners trust from our clients. Although we are a still a young accounting firm, we aim to set an example for our clients as an ideal business operation.

Creating Value

It is hard to deny that CPA or CPTA can become routine and insular by their very nature. However, we always conduct our business with the goal of creating new values. This is true of the research and development we apply to new fields of business. We also add value to existing operations. We always strive to come up with ideas that add extra value.

Growing Together

Kasumigaseki International Accounting Office’s desire is to grow and develop together with our corporate and individual clients. To achieve this, we cooperate with our clients so that we can strive together. That way, our firm and our clients grow together. If possible, we even aim to grow at a faster pace than our clients so that we may set an example for our clients to follow.

Kasumigaseki International Accounting Office
Takehisa Tei

Representative History
1994 CPTA Secondary one pass
1995 Meiji University Faculty of Business graduation
  Same year Tokyo GK accounting office acquired
1998 CPTA Takehisa Tei Office established
2001 Office name changed to Kasumigaseki
  International Accounting Office
 To the present


3-2-5, Kasumigaseki,
Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Kasumigaseki Building 26F