Kasumigaseki International Accounting Office  

We always perform with speed and certainty.

Our mission is to overcome challenges together with our clients. The mission of Kasumigaseki International Accounting Office is to assist our clients in solving their problems. We deliver benefits to our clients with speed and certainty. We continuously strive to offer valuable solutions to our clients.

Act as a specialist organization

Kasumigaseki International Accounting Office consists of CPA, CPTA, USCPA, etc., to be a specialist organization. In addition to be an accounting and tax specialist, we also obtain the high evaluation from the customer in the area of the latest Finance technique and high professional business. Our business providing area not only in Japan, but also cover Asia and expand to worldwide. KIAO would execute the obligation to keep secrets for the customer and at the same time make contribution for the customer’s interest and also continue to study day or night.

Expanding business area

Structured Finance is the most significant feature for the business of Kasumigaseki International Accounting Office. We have developed good business result in both domestic and oversea of this area, hence, investors, etc., also give good valuation to us. Other than providing private, corporate accounting and taxation, it also includes medical operation, offering of stock to the public, Mergers & Acquisitions, Audit, International Taxation and any other consultation services. KIAO not only makes effort to develop new business area but also make an effort to extend the existing business, in order to arise the added value.


3-2-5, Kasumigaseki,
Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Kasumigaseki Building 26F